unpack your bags


[cross-posted to www.kimberlygallagher.com] As part of my fun and curious quest to read the Bible chronologically, I recently read through the book of Leviticus. Quite honestly, I slogged through the book of Leviticus. The entire book is about all of the rules, sacrifices and procedures required to be clean before God — or make atonement …

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unraveling = freedom


[cross-posted to www.kimberlygallagher.com] The song starts, “You unravel me with a melody…” While singing those words during worship last month, the word “unraveled” stuck with me. Various images came to my mind like when a hanging thread gets pulled and an entire seam comes apart, or when soft threads start to separate and create a …

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the shoreline of perspective

[cross-posted to www.kimberlygallagher.com] [VIDEO CLIP] Standing on the shore, looking out at the expanse of water and sky – nothing but water…sun…clouds…and the whooshing sound of the waves as the tide goes in…and out. Breathing in salty air…breathing out life. Clearing my mind. Clearing my soul. Gaining perspective. Sometimes God places us on the shore …

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someday: beyond the tree

beyond the tree

[cross-posted to www.kimberlygallagher.com] Recently, I was cleaning out the unfinished side of the basement which involved reorganizing and digging through stacks of boxes. As I unwrapped a pile of framed items to investigate, I rediscovered something special: a framed picture of tree tops against a sunrise.  These trees belonged to a neighbor’s yard a few …

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YOU are a disciple

[cross-posted to www.kimberlygallagher.com] Whatever your age, circumstances, etc., if Jesus is your Savior, you are the next generation of Apostles. You are a Disciple of Christ. Just as Jesus prayed for all Believers in John 17 (reference below), He has prayed for you now: Verse 20 “I pray also for those who will believe in …

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how do I deal with discouragement? (Reading the Beatitudes Forwards, Backwards & Inside-Out) (Burning Questions Series #3)

[cross-posted from www.ArtOfTheChristianNinja.com] Click here for Audio This World is Getting Worse (And There’s Nothing We Can Do About It) Last week we said that this world is not our home. Has anyone felt that they just want to get off this planet and be with Jesus this week? To reach our final destination: “Behold, …

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