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the work has been done

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I am taking an American History class at Liberty University Online, and it dawned on me that all the work has been done for me to have freedoms and relax in our country; work done by many, from the Puritans to the pilgrims, the Native Americans, the French and Spanish, the indentured servants and the slaves. The many people who gave their lives, who suffered the harsh elements, disease, war, starvation, etc. Although some of those who came to this land had less than noble motives nonetheless progress came and the America we now know came.

Then it made me think about my relationship with God and how all the work has been done for me to enter that relationship with him. I didn’t have to suffer and die, I didn’t have to work years and years in the hope that some day that hard work would pay off and I could be living free of pestilence and disease, living free of death’s grip, living in total victory and not just a hope of victory, no, this was all accomplished, completed, finished by Jesus Christ, God’s one and only son, who loves me and thought of me when he finished his work on the cross. Jesus, like the early settlers, didn’t just pave the way so others could add to and finish the work. Jesus, by giving his life as a ransom, paid the full price and completed the work. That all who call on his name and believe that he was raised from the dead will be saved. Where are you at today? Are you working to add to the already completed work? Or are you resting in the victory that has already been won?