what is step forward?

We all have a boat that we paddle around in – even if the boat is uncomfortable or scary, it’s still a familiar place with certain boundaries in which we go about our daily lives.

What does your boat look like? Are you comfortable? Depressed? Angry? Feel like life is over? Not sure if God is still paying attention?

step forward is about realizing your gifts and talents, understanding what God has called you to do, stepping out of your familiar boat, and walking on the water to fulfill God’s mission in your life.

step forward is about moving past fear, past events, or perceived lack of ability, skill, or giftedness.

step forward is about going beyond defining success in terms of financial prosperity or personal gain and instead pursuing Jesus.

step forward is about living fully and experiencing joy from the inside out that comes when we are walking closely with God, listening to His Voice, and living for Him according to His Will.

step forward is about going deeper in your relationship with God, trusting Him for all things, believing that He will equip you for everything He has called you to do, and being willing to be used by Him for His Glory.

step forward is about getting help, trusting God to bring you through the storms of life, to heal you, and equip you for the next step in your journey.

Learn about  the 4-steps of the step forward process.